At Premax, some serious thought went into the machines we have purchased. We looked to the future, considered the needs of our customers, researched and reviewed the advancements in technology, then made a decision. It's never just about making the fastest parts. Technology is changing every day, and we have committed to staying abreast of those changes. We have integrated tool probing and wear detection, as well as spindle load monitoring directly through the machine tools that make your components. All of these factors are what sets Premax apart from those other facilities.


At Premax, 35+ years of CNC machining experience and an innovative approach to production fixturing rival the new standard for today’s CNC machine facility. To our customers, this translates to faster cycle times and unsurpassed repeatability on production runs. From the moment your purchase order is received, the utmost care is taken to process your part with an emphasis on speed, reliability, quality, and repeatability every time that job is processed.


Our programmers are educated and up to date on the best CAD/CAM systems. We use Solidworks, MasterCAM, FeatureCAM, and Esprit software. Just send us your solid model and we are on our way to making parts, saving everyone time and money.  Revisions and changes to components are fast and easy. We are capable of reverse engineering programs from solid model as well as from a customer-provided sample. Need minor changes? No problem. Need design and consulting help with a prototype part? We can do that too. We are one-stop shopping, able and available to meet all your CNC machining needs.

At Premax, we have a systematic approach to CNC machining. We have streamlined our machining process from start to finish. We have developed innovative fixture systems that are interchangeable for all of our machining centers. This makes scheduling a job simple because it is not dependent upon a certain machine. We continually review our programs and look to improve cycle times and finishes as new tooling comes on the market. We have in-process control to allow for holding close tolerances. We have a clean room inspection department, featuring a CNC Zeiss Contoura CMM, an optical comparator, and an array of calibrated inspection equipment. 

As we have grown over the years, we have learned that a company is only as good as its employees. At Premax, we focus on the education and training of our employees. If they see a future for themselves at Premax, then Premax will have a future. The time and effort spent on training employees bring about a sense of family, with built-in dedication and loyalty for the promise of a future at a company they believe in.


At Premax, we offer other services to make things easier and faster for our customers. We offer in-house sawing of material blanks for the machining centers from bar stock. We can arrange short-term inventory of parts for staggered deliveries and third-party servicing for plating and anodizing. We have a complete vibratory finish room, offering a range of media to achieve all types of vibratory finishes. We offer assembly services at very reasonable rates. We will even facilitate third-party plating or direct shipment to your customer for those last-minute rush orders.




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We are very proud to announce the addition of our high-volume machining center consisting of two Okuma MB5000H machining centers outfitted to a 20-pallet "PalletAce." We offer robot-guided job scheduling for continuous production runs.



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